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We are part of the wider World Free Spirit Fist Federation; you can find out more about the other clubs here.

2022 Summer Class Times

Tuesday - Kung Fu: 1800 - 2000 Activities Room

More classes will be available soon, check back later! Find out more information here

What is HLK Kung Fu?

Hung Leng Kuen (Free Spirit Fist) is taught by highly trained instructors, Hung Leng Kuen Kung Fu is a style founded and developed by lifetime practitioner, Sijo J.R. Dutton. Hung Leng Kuen develops health, focus, strength, flexibility, knowledge, skill, and self-confidence for practical, on-the-street self-defense and for those who wish to learn a traditional martial art. This is a mixed/hybrid style with many influences from other martial arts. If you are interested in knowing where this style came from then you can read through our styles' influences here.

Self Defence Classes

We run Free Self Defence classes for University of Southampton. Our Self Defence Sessions are supported by SUSU & Team Southampton in order to provide safety for the students of the University of Southampton so they are open and free for everyone who is interested.

These classes have been running for over 30 years at the University and thousands of students have passed through these sessions in that time. The classes continue to improve and over the years have proven invaluable to everyone that has stepped foot into a class.

We also regularly partner with awareness groups to help support important issues such as Sexual Consent Awareness on Campus.

Kung Fu Training

Our Traditional Kung Fu classes run multiple times a week. Our Kung Fu style includes 8 traditional animals styles, forms based in traditional Shaolin and Bak Mei, and sets and drills for skill development. The training and application of which is what is focussed on in these classes.

You will learn striking, wresting, grappling and groundwork during our sessions.

All of our classes have a minimum of 2 instructors (normally more) and class sizes that average through the year at 30. Most classes reach a 1:8 instructor to student ratio so you will get a lot of instruction directly from Duan grades.

We also consistently get voted one of the best Kung Fu clubs for Students like in this article here.

Tai Chi

The internal side of our art is something you can train independently or in conjunction with the rest of the style to improve the quality of the rest of your training. We originally practiced the Yang Cheng Fu long form as an integral part of our style. With the main purpose of any martial art being effectiveness in combat, we modified our Tai Chi form to include our other influences. Instructors will teach everything from the health benefits through meditation to the martial application through pressure testing in this class. For advanced practitioners we also further our internal and Tai Chi training with a study of Baguazhang, or Eight Trigram Palm. This complex art includes advanced fighting and cultivation concepts.

Kung Fu Holiday

Hung Leng Kuen is a very social club and we run alot of social and extra training events through the year. The best way you can keep up to date with everything is by visiting our Facebook here

Every year we hire out a cottage over the easter break for a week, open it up to all students in the federation and spend a week together training. This is a great opportunity for some incredible instruction since the training this week is lead by Dai Sifu and assisted by other senior instructors in the federation. For information on the holiday get in touch with the committee here.

Southampton University Easter Vacation

Dates for easter vacation can be found here each year.

Sijo's Meal

Every year around Chinese New Year we host a meal in Southampton for all clubs in our federation to honour our founder; Sijo Dutton. Most years we get enough people coming that everyone in the restaurant is from our federation and a good portion of those will then continue the night around Southampton! For more information go to our events page on Facebook here.

Weekend of Sijo's Birthday - 26th Jan

Sijo's Birthday was 26th January which is also conveniently quite close to Chinese new year so we organise a trip to a Chinese restaurant every year to celebrate both!

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